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$11 million flowing into california from out of state all to defeat proposition 30. i'm christie smith. we will have reaction from local educators coming up in a live report. did the naked man shot and killed by fremont police last night have some sort of death wish? i'll have that story coming up. and a mother's attempt to give her son a better view turned tragic. and a live look. what a nice day in store for us which has already begun. looking out at san jose. maybe some haze there. we will have a full look at the forecast with christina. the news at 11:00 starts now.
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good morning. thanks for being with us. i'm marla tellez. >> and i'm jon kelley. we begin with decision 2012 and the race for the white house. yes, one more day to go. the candidates making the final push in six swing states. >> in 25 minutes, president obama will be holding a rally in ohio. earlier this morning, he was in madison, wisconsin for another rally telling voters there, quote, it's time to finish what we started. the president will wind up election day eve in iowa. >> and meantime mitt romney is in virginia drumming up support there. he will soon head out to the richest prize, that, of course, being ohio. whoever takes ohio has a better shot to lock up that 270 electoral votes needed to claim the presidency. that is when we find nbc bay
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area's tracie potts with the latest. >> reporter: pulling out all the stops, governor romney takes aim at president obama this morning. >> you know why he fell short of what he promised. he cared more about a liberal agenda than about repairing the economy. >> reporter: our last nbc "wall street journal" poll gives romney an edge on the economy and with independents. undecided are twice as likely to favor the president. still, mr. obama has a one percentage-point lead one day before the election. it is not just close in swing states. >> we are seeing, by the way, recent polls in michigan and minnesota show very tight margins. >> reporter: in colorado late last night, obama struck back. >> we know what change looks like, what he's selling ain't it. you may be frustrated by the face of change. >> reporter: president obama's final argument today in
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wisconsin, ohio and iowa. governor romney's final stop, virginia, ohio and new hampshire. >> that was our tracie potts reporting from cincinnati, ohio. are people trying to buy elections? an arizona group donated $11 million at the last minute against the governor's tax initiative, proposition 30. nbc bay area's christie smith is live in oakland with reaction. christie, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, marla. i spoke with the head of the oakland teacher association here and they are in support of proposition 30. she is not that surprised that millions of dollars are flowing in to california from outside the state to try to go ahead and defeat proposition 30. right now, most recent polls show that governor jerry brown's
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$6 billion tax increase plan is ahead 48%. no voters at 38% and undecided at 14%. this according to the most recent field poll. fines are up at the office for prop 30 where schools will lose millions of dollars and public schools are treading water already. oakland schools emerged from a state crisis and brown has had strong resistance. an $11 million donation from an arizona group that opposes prop 30. this morning, it released its list of contributors, but they are not all that clear. even an oakland school board elections, they had outside influence. >> we had $100,000 put into a school board race in oakland from outside donors. so this is something that the country has to look at and this is about our democracy. it is not about a single issue or a single race.
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this is about money influencing how votes are cast and influencing elections unduly. >> reporter: now today governor brown is expected to hit a number of cities, including sacramento, san diego and san francisco. there is a rally this afternoon at 4:30. teachers plan to go to support him. reporting live, christie smith, nbc bay area news. one of the most controversial decisions is prop 34. that is the measure to repeal the death penalty. voters don't know much about it and focusing more on tax increases and nationwide elections. on the recent poll, prop 30 slightly ahead. there is still a long list of undecided. >> it is so important that the decisions are below the radar
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because because, in fact, so many decisions are put forward at once. >> supporters of prop 34 argue that getting rid of the death penalty would save the state more than $100 million. california has 728 inmates on death row, more than any other state and only 13 have been executed over the last 34 years. prop 34 opponewpponents say the to stream line. the oakland race is turning to a legal fight. council member jane bruner announcing yesterday she will sue opponent barbara parker for a mailer. the campaign piece which arrived in mail friday stated that bruner has been suspended from practicing law by california state law. bruner says she was inactive in the bar for several years, but she was never suspended. voters in richmond will
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9? sugary drinks. measure n adds a 1 cent per ounce tax. retired cardiologist andi>oñ richmond city council member jeff ritterman says it will help fight childhood obesity. >> the number one cause of childhood obesity. >> people can make their own decisions. >> the beverage industry has spent $2.5 million to defend it. this morning, crime scene tape and flashing lights still surround the scene of a police shooting involving a naked man with a knife. it happened in fremont on central avenue just blocks from glenmoor elementary school. bob redell is live along the scene with the latest
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information. bob, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, marla. from what we have been able to gather, this man was shot by fremont police outside that apartment here at the complex on central near glenmoor. he had been grieving over the death of his grandfather who passed away not too long ago. he acted strangely last night like he had a death wish. this according to the landlord. fremont police received a 911 domestic violence around 11:00. when police arrived, the man, naked from the waist down, was chasing his wife out of the unit >1knife. officers confronted him and told him to stop and drop the weapon. when he refused, they shot. he did die at the hospital. he is juan etan from san jose. two neighbors questioned why police had to shoot and kill him. >> i don't understand why this
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happened like this though. he was too nice of a guy for this to happen. >> reporter: police say he was threatening his wife with a knife. >> okay. shoot him in the leg. shoot him in the arm. you don't have to shoot the man in the chest. you don't have to shoot a person that many times. i heard too many gunsho)ojdñ >> very loud. he does not bother anybody. i don't know. it just happened. >> reporter: also at home at the time, according to neighbors, the man and woman's two young called police. no one else was hurt. the wife was taken to the hospital to make sure she was okay. involved, both were on paid administrative leave which is normal with officer-involved shooting. one has been with the department three years and one more than
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20. reporting live, bob redell, nbc bay area news. thank you. an overnight fire at a strip mall appears to be arson. firefighters found an unexploded molotov cocktail at the scene. the fire damaged a business in the middle of a shopping center and investigators there is a they pinpointed where the fire started. >> we are taking that area and sifting through the debris and taking samples for analysis. if we determine that something is significant. once we get through the debris, we will have a good idea of what caused the fire. >> crews were able to knock the fire down quickly and nobody was hurt. that is more good news. that molotov cocktail will be taken to a lab for further examination. it is the first week in november and believe it or not, we're in the 80s in spots. or at least we will be. >> it will be warm. we already bypassed your average high in san francisco. in the 70s in san jose.
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a lot of people in town to enjoy our spectacular conditions. 67 degrees average in san francisco is a pretty darn nice day. right now, we're at 69 degrees in the city. 68 in oakland. 74 in san jose. 68 in gilroy. temperatures later on this afternoon rivaling that we would see in august. 80 is the forecast high in san francisco. the average is 67 degrees. as we head through the next couple of days we keep the warm warmth. overall, we are expecting 5 to 8 degrees warmer as we head through inland. temperatures as quickly as they climbed will drop like a rock. a 20-to-30 degree dropoff. lots to sort out. the best way to show you is the seven-day forecast.
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we look forward to that. thanks. mauled to death by wild dogs. this one was scary. a toddler attacked at a zoo and his family there watching helplessly from above. we'll tell you how he ended up falling into the exhibit despite a safety barrier. we'll have that just ahead. are you addicted to your cell phone? it is a real phobia. he did not co-found apple, but we will show the mansion that is on the market today for a nice little price. we will have that just ahead. you will soon see a lot more teslas on the road. i'll tell you that coming up in business news. here is a live look at what is left of the morning commute in san francisco at the bay bridge toll plaza. we will get a look at the seven-day forecast that christina was talking about coming up. stay with us.
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we have developing news to tell you about right now.
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these are live pictures out of san francisco where a gas main break has shutdown a portion of the embarcadero, specifically embarcadero and green streets near pier 15. the good news is that gas has been turned off and the road there is expected to reopen any minute now. we will keep you posted. a pennsylvania family is grieving the death of their young son after a horrific mauling at the pittsburgh zoo. the boy was with his mother and aunt when the mother put the boy on the railing of the painted-dogs exhibit. the boy fell and was mauled to death by 11 dogs as his family watched from above. there is a catch basin, but the boy flipped over it and in the exhibit. the dogs are now in lock up at the zoo. one was shot by pittsburgh police. the same morning of the mauling, a montana man was
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killed by grizzly bears. one bear was put down so that rescuers could get to the man's body. expect to see more electric cars on the road. scott mcgrew says tesla is getting better at building its cars. >> reporter: good morning. tesla will make mohundreds of t model s sedans. when you consider they were making five cars a month, 100 is a lot. production lines will crank out 400 model s starting in december. it will be expensive. the company declaring losses, but tesla shares are up 4% this morning. also, you have apple. apple says it sold 3 million ipads. we're not sure how many of those are the new mini that went on sale on friday. there is also an ipad 4 that went on sale on friday as well.
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3 million is an astonishing number with the storm on the east coast. apple has the mini and ipad 4 and still selling theg> they are, aren't they? the apple store is packed. i was there yesterday. >> how was it? >> it was great. >> christmas. >> you have to be good, though. >> that's going to be tough. all right, christina loren, we know what is happening in the weather. >> good morning. the weather is spectacular. there is no fog in daily city. very unusual for this time of year. these are the current readings. 73 in novado.
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73 in napa. 68 degrees in the south bay. part of the reason for the warm up are the breezes that are picking up. they are dry northerly breezes. they are pushing from land to sea. you can see east, east, east, fairfield and concord and napa. you are getting that warm air. it is pushing the marine layer out to sea. the temperatures will be close to records not just at the coast, but just about everywhere as high pressure builds in and drives the winds offshore. high pressure is at the max today. we start out mild tomorrow morning and we will break more records and be warmer. fog free today. dry winds for this afternoon. 80s at the coast for today and tuesday. santa cruz, 82 degrees. perfection. warm in wine country close to 90 degrees in santa rosa. very unusually for the first
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full week of november. 83 degrees is the record. we will smash that record if we hit 87 degrees. 89. that's it in gilroy. 81 in fremonfremont. if you live in san francisco, you are used to the cold. we have that but you have to wait a couple more days. thursday and friday, temperatures will fall into the 50s and cold. you are pulling out the winter coat and umbrella with rain thursday night into friday. when it comes to tomorrow, we are going to peak -- i want to make sure you know how nice it will be when you get out to rock the vote. vote early and vote often. you want to get your choice in there. back to you guys. >> every vote counts. >> absolutely. >> thank you. you already live large, but for the rest of us we dream of shaking up with a guy of steve
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wozniak. >> you can live there if you have $5 million. the 7500 square foot house in los gatos once belonged to steve wozniak. he sold it ten years later and the current owners kept the features that he installed, including a cave in the backyard. >> why would i like that? >> a fireman's pole and a room with a hand painted mural of "the little myrmaid." how about this one? addicted to your cell phone? plus, we'll show you how to get the best mileage out of that hybrid car.
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if you happen to be one of those people who can't live without their cell phone there like marla tellez and the iphone 5, you could be suffering from an illness. it is called nomophobia. a survey found two-third of cell phone users have nomophobia. no mobile phobia. symptoms are panic and anxiety attacks. >> i'm not that bad. dot border . people with nomophobia have multiple phones and constantly checking the battery life or checking the phone. the good way to treat it is to
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turn off the phone a certain amount of time each week. there are recovery groups you could consider joining, marla. don't believe it. owners can improve mileage. according to aaa, when starting from a dead stop, accelerate with zip. stay out of the right or slow lane where stop and go traffic is heaviest. when turning, try to do without tapping the brakes. turn off cell phone charges and radios. take off your shoes for a lighter touch. one actor is going to go to great lengths. actor will ferrell will go to a video. >> his offer to get you to vote just ahead.
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this is hayden. that's elizabeth. and that's skyler... and his mom, nancy. they're just a few of the californians who took it on themselves to send you a message about what they need to restore years of cuts to their schools. prop thirty-eight. thirty-eight raises billions in new revenue - bypasses sacramento and sends every k through 12 dollar straight to our local schools... every school. for them. for all of us.
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vote yes on thirty-eight. actor will ferrell really
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wants you to vote. >> yes indeed. the man is passionate about it. he made a video to get you and all of us out to cast the ballot. >> if you agree to vote in this year's election, i will personally give you a tattoo. i do not know how to draw. i'll do a dance just for you. >> doing so bad things. the smoking jacket. no dancing machine, but other enticing offers, he says he will eat garbage and move couches and make angel hair pasta. probably not as good as yours. >> i like that inspirational video. >> will bringing the magic. thanks for joining us. join us again at 5:00, 6:00 and 11:00. go out and vote. >> duty and pleasure.
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